Monday, April 5, 2010


So it has been forever since i lasted blogged...

Well since im sitting at work at 2:20 a.m. with not a damn thing to do ima jus blog about everything.

For starters 2010 has been amazing to me thus far i guess i can start with the boyfriend status..

-----some call it love
Many call it love between him and i. Quention Owens has been thee happiness, the sun in my life since december. I mean i cant ask for more..well yes i can but im not. The relationship is very stable expect the fact that he is a truck driver. HUGE negative factor the distance is horrible i see him two maybe three weekends out of every month. It sucks big time i mean i get lonely wen he isnt around.. Talking on the phone everyday is cutting it but not that much. Theres so much where missing out on like spending time together. Then on the flip side he proved so much to me. He shows that every man isnt the same. That there are good guys left in the world. That wen ur searching for love all you have to do is look infront of your face and boom its standing right there. He has been my best friend for almost a year now. I mean no matter how many times i turned him away for other dudes he was always there for me never not once turning his back on me. I just pray that whatever happens between me and him i jus hope that i dont lose him as a friend because right now at this point in our relationship he means the world to me.

&& i say he`s jus a friend
Well about two weeks ago i met this guy named Micheal total sweety. He is so cool calm and collected. He is idk i mean im kinda lost for words right now on this topic. Lol i mean shot i dont even know what i mean. But he is a total sweet heart and all my friends love him more than they do my actual boyfriend but he is just a friend.. thats what they all say huh? but i totally mean it at least for now until somebody conviences me that he can do it better than my boyfriend. Getting lonely without Quention here with me has me focusing all my time on Micheal and yes ill be the first to say that i am developing feelings for this guy and all i can say about my own situation is that i am....CONFUSED not good for the mind.

&& what about your friends?
my bitches are my bitches shitt i cant ask for a better set of friends then the ones that i have. See theres my girl Vanessa thats my ride or die right there anything or anytime i need her she is there without thinking twice about it and vice versa. Three weeks ago she and i went to heat street a local piercing palor and yes we both walked out them doors with a new peircing her prefence was her tongue but mine on the other hand was my belly button i mean its easy to hide when i have to and its very cute. I do wanna get my tongue pierced but i am scared of what my mama would say about it. Anywhoo..then theres lona and bree my set of wives that are off the chain, crazy and have not a bit of sense like me lol i guess thats why we mesh so well idk what i would do without them.

--- i need a vacation---
omg i can not wait for this weekend to roll around i took it off so i can drive down to charleston and go see my besties Jazmyn Jasmine and Serena. But of course i will have photos and stories to tell when i come back. Only the lord knows whats in store for me nothing bad i hope lol. Charleston, charleston, charleston, how i love it dearly. it has been 2 years since i left CSU[charleston southern university] and i must say that i miss that town and school so much. Living on my own for the first time of my life HA a hot steaming mess. And i figure its about that time for me to relive those days for just a weekend.

well ladies and gents thats my 2010 thus far in a nut shell lol soo jus made long stories extremely short

until next time......


Friday, July 31, 2009

Lover's Thing

Welcome to my blog! This is the first post of many. And i just want to get a feel of it. So in this one i`ma just be talking about random things and how i feel about my life because i have alot going on right now.

So having a boyfriend is suppose to be all goodie good right?! Hmph fucking wrong! He promised me that he wouldnt hurt me and i believed it. But he proved my point that all guys do is lie! I gave him everything[well not everything...but dammit i was fucking close to it] wen he needed a shoulder to cry on i was there, and everything else iono.

Then he jus goes and up n disappear for like 3 weeks? havent spoken to him in 2 like what the fuck am i suppose to do? jus sit around and wait for him to get his act right together?! lol fuck no he got the wrong bitch...he musta forgot that i am not one of these lil mullins bitchs around here...but wateva fuck niggas they aint shit but what i have learned from this relationship and past ones is that i jump into them too fast, maybe just maybe if i would have waited just a little bit longer before saying i would be his girlfriend it would have worked, i would have noticed this part about him the him not calling or showing up like he use to...iono i`m not gonna dwell on the past i`ma live and learn. and I can say that i have lived and learned but i can say that i am happy with my life and he didnt break me down lol im stronger than ever